English Learning

English Foundation Year Program

The English Foundation Year (EFY) Program at Albert College focuses primarily on developing English language skills. Additionally, students with the background, study skills and intellectual abilities can earn credits in other areas towards their high school diploma. Personalized timetables are developed for each applicant. 

The EFY Program is lead by a highly qualified faculty member. With a maximum of only 10 students in the EFY Program, students are assured individualized attention. 

English as a Second Language Program

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Albert College is designed to assist English language learners develop the English skills they need to be proficient in their everyday lives, and more specifically, the proficiency in academic English that helps them to integrate into the mainstream school program. 

Through the strands of reading, writing, listening/speaking, socio-cultural competence and media literacy, the program aims to help students become successful English language learners by offering the opportunity for extensive verbal interaction with English-speaking peers and a qualified faculty member. In addition, the ESL classes at Albert College provide a small and intensive support system that focuses on content and thematic approach.

IELTS/TOEFL Preparation: The ESL program at Albert College focuses on preparing students for the TOEFL and IELTS University entrance tests. Upon entrance to the school, each student will write a TOEFL Junior Test to determine their ESL level. The students will then write a TOEFL Junior Test each year to monitor progression.  

In preparation for the IELTS/TOEFL University tests, the students in ESLCO, ESLDO, end ESLEO will receive the required preparation material and will work through all of the sections of the test during classes. Additionally, a qualified IELTS/TOEFL specialist will visit the school at scheduled times to hold group practice sessions.  

At Albert College we require ESL students in Grade 10 and 11 and those who are taking ESLC, D, or E, to write at least one IELTS or TOEFL University test during their Grade 10/11 year. Test scores allow us to see if students have met university requirements and identify areas they need to improve.

Travel and Cultural Component:  ESL and EFY students travel to various parts of Canada and may participate in Albert College's Adventure Program. In addition to a cultural trip to Ottawa, ESL students take part on our weekend program that includes athletics, cultural events, performances and social activities. 

Residence and Student Life

Students in the ESL and EFY programs live in Albert College's established, single-gender residences under the care of adult supervisors. Albert College's Health Centre is available 24-hours a day to ESL and EFY students. 

For more information about the EFY Program and to arrange a campus tour, please contact the Admission Office at (613) 968-5726 or email info@albertcollege.ca . We look forward to hearing from you!