Junior School

(Grades 1 to 6)

Developing strong foundations and a love for learning is an important part of what we do at the Junior School.  A mix of tradition, innovation and student-directed learning provides the support and challenges our students need to achieve their goals.  

Using the Ontario Curriculum as a guide to assist the transition for students joining us at anytime, we have the flexibility to offer programming that motivates our students, allowing for more meaningful connections and deeper learning.  An early introduction to French and instrumental music, as well as a large-scale performances are just a few ways that the Albert College experience differs from other educational options. These provide opportunities for students to engage in music, arts, literacy development and enhance their self-confidence. Please be sure to read more about the Albert EPLC and Junior School program in our Life at Albert section under the other four ‘A’s: ArtsAthleticsActive Citizenship and Adventure

Special showcase events where parents are invited into the classroom to share in their child’s learning highlight the importance of integration across numerous academic strands.