Herbert Norman ’29
Ph.D. (Harvard)

Born on September 1, 1909 in Karuizawa, Japan to Methodist missionary parents, Herbert was to become a scholar, author, foreign service officer and a career diplomat. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, he was interned by the Japanese and not repatriated to Canada until mid-1942.  During the allied occupation of Japan, Herbert served as a Canadian representative to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers administration under General Douglas MacArthur. Herbert’s achievements led to his election as President of the Asiatic Society of Japan in 1947.   In 1956, he was sent to Cairo as Ambassador to Egypt where he played an important part in mediating the Suez crisis and projecting Canada into its first military peace-keeping role. It was in Cairo on April 4, 1957 that Herbert passed away at the age of 47.