Board of Governors

  • Kenn MorrisonChair

  • Erin LeblancPast Chair

The membership of the Board of Governors is comprised of alumni, current parents, alumni parents and friends of Albert College. The Board of Governors is the guardian of the school’s vision and mission. It is the Board’s responsibility not only to ensure that the vision and mission are appropriate, relevant, and vital to the community, but also to monitor their fulfillment.

The current Chair of the Board of Governors is current parent, Kenn Morrison. Head of School, Keith Stansfield, is responsible for all aspects of the College’s programs and administrative operations and reports to the Board of Governors.

Board Members

  • Kenn Morrison - Chair
  • Erin LeBlanc - Past Chair
  • John Barritt '68 -Vice Chair
  • Paul Goyette '42 Honourary Board Member
  • Andrew Bandler '00
  • Craig Bridgewater '88
  • Adam Busscher '90
  • Elizabeth Cameron
  • Bruce Coward
  • Pamela D’Andrade
  • Nicholas A. de Janitsary '91
  • Mourasia Duffus
  • Lori Foster
  • Alison Gilbert
  • Len Kennedy
  • Kerry Lorimer
  • Jeffrey Waplak
  • Ping Wu '83

Selection of Governors

The strength of the Board is dependent on the Governance Committee’s ability to select effective board members. When the Governance Committee is selecting a board member, it is important that the attributes of candidates are carefully considered.

Some of the attributes required for potential board members include:

  • Strategic Vision: The ability to think “long term” in the best interests of the school.
  • Attitude: The ability to continually improve and learn.
  • Experience: A wealth of experience. Inexperience results in an inability to make a solid contribution to the Board’s work.   
  • Courage: The ability to take an “unsafe” decision.   
  • Commitment: The ability to contribute time, effort and financial commitment.   
  • Influence: Leadership skills and the ability to make others support the College.   
  • Links: Good connections to other individuals to help the College.   
  • Professional Skills: Expertise in functional areas important to the College.   
  • Team Player: The ability to work effectively with others.   
  • Compatibility: Fits well with other board members.


All members of the Albert family can nominate prospective board members. To nominate a new board member, please send your nomination in confidence to the Secretary to the Board at Please Note: The credentials and experience supporting the nomination should also be included. Thank you for your consideration.

2016-17 Board Meetings:

  • March 2, 2017
  • June 10, 2017