Strategic Plan


At Albert College, our nurturing climate encourages compassion, collaboration and charity towards all members of the community. With this foundation, the ultimate goal is to provide the best possible learning environment for every student, and to ensure they are well prepared for their chosen post-secondary path.

To empower the 21st Century learner, students must have ready access to ever-increasing resources. This requires well-equipped classrooms, labs and study spaces, and inspirational educators who are masters of their craft.

Education is about developing the whole student.  By providing opportunities in the classroom, in the creative arts, on the athletic field, and in the community we will make our students challenge themselves, demonstrate compassion, and develop tenacity as they strive to become leaders of character.  To be prepared for life beyond the classroom, our students must learn to filter, analyze, collaborate with others and communicate their discoveries in engaging ways.

Building on this philosophy our strategic plan will advance the mission of Albert College over the next five years by focusing on the following:

An admissions process that identifies and attracts a diverse group of vibrant students from the local community and around the world: Admissions is a key focus for any independent school.  It does not matter how elaborate a school’s programs or facilities are, if students and families are unaware of its existence.  Albert College will expand recruitment activities into new geographic areas both locally and abroad.

Faculty and staff committed to their role in supporting those students: A school’s greatest asset is its faculty and staff.  A strong, talented teaching and support network is critical to providing the caring environment necessary for students to thrive.  Albert College will make professional growth a priority to ensure that all our teachers are masters in their craft and that our support staff have the skills and tools they need to advance the goals of the school.

A campus that will continue to meet the educational needs of our students, and the social and physical needs of the entire community: All buildings need to be maintained, but schools need much more than that—they need to grow and evolve as the needs of the community change.   Albert College is committed to ensuring that our facilities support all aspects of student and community life.  Students will feel at home, and classrooms and facilities will promote a dynamic learning and working environment.

A technological infrastructure that will ensure our students, faculty and staff have full access to the global community: Education is about creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. While technology should not be an end in itself, we recognize that in an ever-more interconnected global environment, technology is an indispensable tool for education.  Albert College is committed to ensuring the infrastructure meets the requirements of students, faculty and staff to fully leverage available technology to enhance learning.

A relationship-building and fund-raising presence that engages our community in supporting the College: Compassion and philanthropy have been virtues of the college since its inception. Our college community benefits from the philanthropy of current members and of those who have come before. Albert College is committed to engaging all members of our community in building on this spirit of generosity.  It is only through our joint contributions of time and resources that we will build an even stronger Albert College.

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