Christine Jensen-Bellwood
Assistant House Director of Victoria Manor

Christine has worked with young people for over 30 years, in residences, classrooms and life skills as well as recreational programs. She has worked as a mental health worker for many years. She and her husband Jim are very pleased to be a part of the Victoria Manor team. Jim has also worked with young people in a variety of areas.  He is currently retired and enjoys small container gardening and bird watching. Christine and Jim have two children, Charley-Anne, who is 19 and away at school in Toronto studying Theatre productions and Benjamin who is 20, also in Toronto, studying Musical Theatre and performance. Christine enjoys music, theatre and cooking and often engages the girls in these activities. They are very pleased to take an active role in life at Victoria Manor. The experience brought to Victoria Manor, between Christine and her husband, should provide a valuable resource to our girls and Albert College’s Community.