Adventure Awaits for Albert Students in Costa Rica

Albert College partnered with World Challenge this year, sending 12 students and two teachers on a 16-day adventure to Costa Rica.  The trip was planned to complete the requirements for the Gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh award program.  Students completed a practice acclimatization hike, a residential community service project, and a challenging five-day jungle trek.  Students and faculty noted the emphasis placed on student leadership with World Challenge, as students were in charge of the entire trip, from selecting the activities to managing the budget to booking their own travel in country.  Everyone agreed that it was truly challenging!   

At Albert College we have an active Duke of Edinburgh program with approximately 35 students actively working toward awards.  Seven of our current students hold the Silver award, and 10 students completed their Bronze award this year.  As our program grows, we are thrilled to have seven students actively working on their Gold awards.