The Albert College Junior School chess club ran on Mondays after school from the first week in November until the first week of April this year.  Our hard work paid off in the end when we matched wits against the other schools in the area.

Bayside School Group Tournament
We hosted the Bayside School Group Tournament on April 17 at Albert College. The top four players in each grade qualified to move on to the District Championships:
Grade 3: Killian and Juno
Grade 4: Ella, Gabriel, Emily and Grace
Grade 5: Ethan and Oliver
Grade 6: Ben and Alyssa
Grade 7: Sophie, Danté and Mohamed

We took 13 of the 20 qualification places we were competing for! These players moved on to compete in the District championships.

HPEDSB District Chess Championships 
HPEDSB District Chess Championships on April 26 at Sir John A MacDonald School with 120 players in total competing. These players would be representing the best of over 1000 students in each grade from North of Bancroft to Picton and from Tyendinaga to Trenton. 
Albert College results:
Grade 3: Killian ( 4th ) and Juno (11th )
Grade 4: Ella (8th), Gabriel (7th) and Emily (1st Gold medal)
Grade 5: Ethan (3rd Bronze medal) and Oliver (1st Gold medal)
Grade 6: Ben (1st Gold Medal) and Alyssa (14th)
Grade 7: Sophie (1st Gold medal!), Danté (2nd Silver medal) and Mohamed (7th)
We took 6 of the 15 medals we were competing for including 4 of 6 possible gold medals! Congratulations!
Written by Mr. Profit