Kindergarten to Market, To Market…

The Kindergarten class had a great time visiting the Belleville Farmers’ Market. They met with vendors who were excited to share information with them about their products and produce. They found almost all of the items on their shopping list to make their vegetable soup and problem-solved what to do about acquiring the missing items. 


Following the recipe of the book Vegetable Soup, which they learned to read and used to compile their shopping list, Kindergarten students got to work making their soup. Following a thorough wash of their hands and the vegetables, students chopped, peeled, sliced and snipped ingredients into the pot. Both fine and gross motor coordination were needed for these tasks. Students also counted shakes of salt and pepper and took turns to stir the soup.


According to their story The Little Red Hen they knew that everyone who helped make the soup got to eat the soup. At the end of their taste test, they graphed their preferences and interpreted the results. All in a day’s work in the life of a Kindergarten student at Albert College!