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Every student is an "A" student.

A student's experience of the 5 A’s is integral to an Albert College education.

We strive to inspire excellence in all 5 of the A’s, ensuring students develop into well-rounded global citizens within our close family environment.







Active Citizenship




See the difference an Albert College education can make in the life of your child.




Learn to cooperate with others and make new friends! Part-time, after school care and transportation options available.

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Junior Kindergarten - Grade 6

The Junior School is a warm and inviting space that nurtures students' curiosity and creates a love of learning. Lunch and snacks provided!

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Middle School

Grades 7-8

Experiential learning, supportive faculty and friends help students develop key study habits and skills to achieve academic success. 

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Senior School

Grades 9-12

Make friends from around the world in a supportive family environment. Boarding and day options provide the best of both worlds.

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Why Albert College?

Looking back on the pandemic, none of us could have anticipated the last two years and the struggles we all faced. My gratitude towards Albert College runs deep. Without the school, the pandemic would have been a very different experience for our family. The College kept things as stable as possible for our children and responded so quickly to the changes and challenges we faced. There is no denying that Albert College is truly a special school and community .

  • The Pritchett Family
  • Belleville, Ontario

Our children did not study French before arriving to Albert College in Grades 4 and 6. They started French here at Albert where they were encouraged to keep up with the class. They’ve caught up to the point that they are now taking Advanced French. It has been really great to witness them learning a new language.

  • The weinstein Family
  • Belleville, Ontario

Albert College has been different from other schools I have attended because of the great teachers. They really care about your academics. They want to see you succeed and they help you to achieve your goals.

  • Johnny
  • Kingston, Ontario

I heard the phrase 'Albert College is like a family' quite frequently and wasn't sure what to expect. Every boarding school advertises that. But Albert has a unique cultural mosaic of kind and accepting people. Everyone wants to learn about your culture and who you are.

  • LARA
  • Bermudian Student

What’s Happening at Albert College