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Meet Our Staff & Faculty

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Dawn Adams

Facilities and Operations

Teresa Allen

Assistant to Junior School Principal

Mary Almeida

Director of EPLC

Mei Fung Au

Finance and Student Services Coordinator

Leslie Austin-Profit

Senior School Faculty

Mary Baker


Melanie Barrett

Senior Advancement Associate

Heath Beatson

Vice- Principal Junior School, Grade 6 Teacher, Grade Lead for Grades 4 - 6

Anne Beveridge

Junior School Principal

Stephanie Boyte

French Teacher (Grades 1 - 6)

Derrick Clark

Facilities and Operations Staff

Tracey Colp

Admissions Officer

Susan Colton

Food Services

Keith Cunningham

Food Services

Katreena Davis

Database/Enrolment Associate

Angie Drysdale

Executive Assistant to the Assistant Head - Senior School

Jennifer Fagan


Florence Fairman

Facilities and Operations Staff

David Ferraccioli

Assistant House Director Baker House

Rachel Foster

Senior School Faculty

Ryan Fraser

Grade 4 Teacher

Kirby Fredericks

House Director of Baker House, Head of Information Technology

Samantha Gagne

Enhanced Support Worker

MJ Gorn

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Erica Goulet

Grade 2 Teacher

Angela Guse

Senior School Faculty, Grade Lead for Grades 9 - 10, Global Outreach Co-ordinator

Paul Guse

Curriculum Leader - Mathematics & Computer Studies, Grade Lead for Grades 11 - 12

Tatyana Haddock

Early Primary Learning Centre Faculty

Charles Harris

Middle School Faculty

Sarah Harvey

Enrolment Management Associate, Junior School and Day School Admission

Stella Haskin

Risk, Logistics and Human Resources Coordinator

Trevor Hill

Facilities and Operations Staff

Michael Hunter

Assistant House Director of Graham Hall

Bethany Ingoldsby

Early Childhood Educator

Kiranjeet Kaur

Food Services

Pamela Kelly

Food Services

Heather Kidd

Director of Admission and House Director

Jennifer Kimball

Chief Financial Officer

Maya Kimball

Food Services

Melissa Kurenoff

Faculty, AV Co-ordinator

Ben Layton

Grade 1 Teacher

Jeffery Leavitt

Facilities and Operations Manager

Robert Loiselle

Senior School Faculty

David Mayer

Senior School Faculty

Kara Mayer

Athletic Director, Faculty, Assistant House Director of Victoria Manor

Vincent McCaughen

Food Services

Sylvia McFall

School Nurse

Andrea Milne

Senior School Faculty

Laurie Milton

Food Services Manager

Jane Moodey

Director of Middle School, Grade Lead for Grades 7 - 8

Deborah Moore


Matt Morris

Assistant House Director Graham Hall

Yolanda Murray

Educational Assistant

Mark Musca

Head of School

Lisa Noel

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Savo Okuka


Rebecca O'Neill

Grade 5 Teacher

Erin Paul

Senior School Faculty, Adventure Coordinator

Toni Petrie


Ashlea Potter-Powell

Assistant House Director of Victoria Manor

Brian Profit

Senior School Faculty

Dianne Purdie

Assistant Head - Senior School

Cheryl Quenneville

Finance and Student Services Coordinator, Academic Student Services Coordinator

Becca Reid


Samantha Reid

Food Services

Donna Robbins

Custodian/Light Maintenance

Suparna Roy

Coordinator of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Monique Saar

Receptionist, Assistant to the Head of School

Mark Schneider

Senior School Faculty

Kristy Segedin

Grade 3 Teacher

Andy Seguire

James Briegel Chair in Instrumental Music

Marie Smith

Food Services

Georgia Spiropoulous

Faculty, Assistant House Director of Victoria Manor

Tyler Stacey

Senior School Faculty, Summer School Coordinator

Roberta Steele

Program Support

Alexandra Vandertoorn

Health Centre

Jesse Vasquez

House Director of Graham Hall, Resource Centre Supervisor

Melanie Voskamp

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

Sandy Weese

Finance and Student Services Coordinator, Information System Data Specialist

Anne Weldon

Faculty, Acting Director of Guidance

Crystal Whalen

Boarding Staff

Whitney Woloshyn

Senior School Faculty, Active Citizenship Coordinator

Laura Woodall

Finance Office Manager
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