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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
Develop people of character and compassion who embrace a life of purpose, excited by the possibilities that their energies create.

Our Mission:

  • Educate students from Canada and around the world through a comprehensive curriculum that threads cohesively from Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12
  • Inspire students to be leaders of character
  • Support faculty and staff in the mastery of their professions
  • Create a dynamic culture of learning supported by innovative technology and infrastructure
  • Honour our past while preparing our students to thrive in their futures

Our Core Values

  • Individuality - We respect each other for our unique talents, we expect excellence in ourselves, and we actively encourage the pursuit of personal bests by others.  
  • Compassion - As a small family school we are sensitive to the needs and the feelings of each member of the community, exhibiting empathy and humility in our dealings with one another and with the world around us.  
  • Integrity - We are all accountable for our actions, and we act with honesty and integrity in our dealings with one another and with the broader community.

  • Diversity and Inclusion - As an international community of learners, we celebrate the contributions each member brings to the whole in everything we do. By honouring both our similarities and our differences, we forge a united identity, and strive to ensure ours is a safe and welcoming community for all.

  • Optimism - We are positive about the future and are committed to contributing to a healthy society and planet.

Albert's 5 'A's

Albert College uniquely challenges and inspires its students to grow their confidence and broaden their capabilities by exploring new experiences in all of the 5 ‘A’s 

Academics  |  Arts  |  Athletics  |  Active Citizenship  |  Adventure 

Our Motto

Paci Artibusque Pacis Faveo (I favour peace, and the arts of peace)

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