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Strategic Plan

Positive about the Future

This is an exciting time for our school. The past five years have affirmed our commitment to keeping our students' educational experience, including their health and wellness, at the forefront of all we do. With our students' needs firmly in mind, we will now turn our attention to the environment in which they are learning and living, and how we ensure the long-term sustainability of Albert College. The AC family plays a crucial role in these ambitious goals.  

In developing this strategic plan, we consulted widely with our community, near and far. Our community's hopes and love for the school have helped define these priorities. With the approval of the Board of Governors, our focus now is to implement these important initiatives over the next five years:

  • Improve Technology
  • Innovate the Space
  • Deepen Family and Alumni Engagement
  • Broaden International Reach
  • Build a Culture of Philanthropy

We are positive about the future and are committed to creating a school that is welcoming, inclusive and strong for generations to come. 

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