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What are parents saying about the benefits of Albert College:

Lily has been accepted into all six universities and 18 programs that she applied to. She has been offered scholarships and research opportunities with world-class scientists at top Canadian universities. As her parents, we are more than thrilled with how far she has come. It was a difficult transition at first, but she was encouraged to step outside her comfort zone. Although Albert College was much more work than she was used to, we could see that she was much happier. The school, the staffs and the teachers provide the perfect learning environment and support for students to be independent and to excel. We don’t only see the benefits of Albert College in our own children, we also see it in their peers. We sincerely thank you and are very grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

The Nguyen Family


What do Junior School parents love about Albert College:

The enthusiastic and dedicated teaching staff provide vital learning and social skills, and directed learning in a friendly, comfortable, family environment. Not only did my children benefit from this, but it introduced our family to the amazing Albert College community. My children enjoy outings at the 'big school' that make them feel connected and like an important part of the whole school community. My children enjoy home-cooked healthy snacks and lunches, and love going to school everyday.

The Robertson Family


What sets Albert College apart from other schools?

I have had three of my children in a variety of schools within the provincially funded school system. The thing that sets Albert apart is the consistent fulfillment of the vision and mission of educating the children. The public school system was at the mercy of the political party in power.  The only thing you could rely on was change - good, bad or indifferent. The availability of extra-curricular activities was considered an optional area, that could change from year to year, or suddenly be taken away. At Albert “extras” are part of the curriculum. Teachers have enthusiasm and students are happy and fulfilled. Albert is more like a family than a school. 

The Burns Family


What are boarding parents saying about Albert College:

I cannot tell you how happy we are with Eugenio’s experience at Albert College. We do wish we had done it sooner. It was a tough decision, but when we got a call from him telling us "this is the best decision I have ever made in my life", we knew that he was in a great place. We are extremely pleased with the academics and the guidance support Eugenio is receiving in his graduating year. The school supports the boarding community in an amazing way. Every time anything has come up, the school has been quick to respond, happy to help out, and fast in helping us to resolve the issue. We are so thankful and so lucky that we made the decision to send him to Albert College. He loves the environment, has made amazing friends and his time there will be forever remembered.

The Lemus Family

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