Guidance & Counselling

Guidance for Students

Students are involved with Guidance not only as graduates but throughout their high school career. Guidance offers students direction and assistance with course selection beginning in Grade 8. Our students are encouraged to achieve ambitious post-secondary goals. In addition to individual guidance counselling, students develop skills to become self-guiding through enrolment in a guidance course. Each graduate receives an average of at least eight hours of one-on-one guidance and support in their Grade 12 year.

Grade 8 Learning Strategies

Students in Grade 8 may be provided the opportunity to take a learning strategies course to prepare them for the rigorous demands of credit courses at the secondary school level. This is a Reach Ahead credit that will be granted upon the student's entry into secondary school. 

Grade 10 Career Studies

The academic program includes a course in career studies in which students explore post-secondary programs and career options based on their identified strengths and interests. Students develop a career plan which includes the selection of appropriate secondary school courses and post-secondary programs.

Post-Secondary Planning 

Applying to post-secondary schools can be intimidating for many students. Knowing which schools are going to be a good fit can also be a hard decision to make. Our Guidance Department is committed making students feel confident in their post-secondary decisions while supporting the application process. Here is how we help our graduates with their post-secondary goals:

One-on-one guidance and support provided for course selections and post-secondary application and admission procedures in Canada and abroad. 
Provide updates on application process to parents and student advisors.
Group and individual information sessions held prior to and throughout application process.

Visits from Ontario and Canadian universities are arranged at the beginning of the academic year for students to learn and collect resource materials about post-secondary options. The Guidance Department assists graduates with their post-secondary applications and admission procedures including scholarship and bursary applications.  

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