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The Albert College arts program encourages creativity and confidence in our students. From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 students engage in artistic instruction. All classes are led by faculty, specialized artists and instructors and are tailored to each student’s abilities to ensure a challenging program.

School-wide events and drama productions, musical performance opportunities and art exhibits provide students the opportunity to share their talents and build their confidence in all areas of the arts. Students are exposed to the arts either in class or during Arts Period - a unique program that is offered three times per week, in addition to regular arts classes.

The arts program at Albert College allows students to express their creative side. Students are actively involved in theatrical, musical and visual arts.

Pre-K to Grade 6

The love of music is introduced in Pre-Kindergarten and nurtured to include participation in choirs from Grade 1 to Grade 6.  Instrumental music is introduced in Grade 4 with the recorder and then expanded to include various wind instruments and percussion as they move through the junior grades. School productions at Christmas, in the spring, and to celebrate the year's end of learning promote confidence building in students.

Arts opportunities include:

  • Christmas Pageant
  • Primary Production
  • Junior Production
  • Winter Showcase (EPLC)
  • Grade 1 Rainforest Sharing
  • Grade 4 Medieval Feast

Middle School

Middle School students have an opportunity to audition for major productions and work behind the scenes including set direction and design, stage lighting and makeup. 

Our musicians and singers are able to audition to perform in the Conference of Independent Schools Music Festival (CISMF) that is held each year at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

Visual arts projects incorporate acrylic painting and mixed media sculpture. 

Arts opportunities include:

  • Middle School Band
  • 60-Voice Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • School Concerts
  • School Plays
  • Annual Art Exhibit

Senior School

Students involved in the music program have the opportunity to audition for Canadian Independent Schools' Music Festival (CISMF). Those chosen will perform in Toronto with top music students from across Canada. Drama students are able to perform at Canadian Independent Schools' Drama Festival (CISDF).

Arts opportunities include:

  • Chapel Choir
  • Women’s Choir
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Community Winds Band
  • Classical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre
  • Music and Drama Festivals
  • Art Galas
  • Chess Club
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Stained Glass
  • Photography
  • Culinary
  • Textile Arts
  • Yearbook
Middle School students rehearse for autumn arts performance

The Albert music program is the most comprehensive in the Quinte area. Our students participate in music classes and perform in many different ensembles including our 60-voice choir, small specialist choirs, Middle School band, Senior School band and Jazz Band.

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