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The digitization of Albert College’s yearbooks was generously gifted by the late alumnus Wayne Simmons ’39 for the 80th anniversary of his graduation in memory and honour of “The Five Friends of Albert” from 1938 – two of whom died fighting in World War II. May the deep friendships and wonderful people who have made Albert College the special place it is, as well as its principles of favouring peace and the arts of peace, always be remembered and celebrated.

The Five Friends of Albert (from 1938 left-right)

  • Alf Moulden ’40 - Fighter Pilot, RAF Middle East
  • Wayne Simmons ’39 - Royal Canadian Navy (RCNVR)
  • Pat Hetherington ’40 - RCAF - died August 7, 1943 (age 23)
  • Jack Finlay ’39 - Government of Canada (Special War Time Services)
  • Bill Hagyard ’40 - Spitfire Pilot, RAF - died February 11, 1942 (age 20)
5 friends 1938

Albert College Yearbooks

Records held by the Albert College Archives are historical in nature and contain language and images representative of their time. In order to preserve the cultural context in which they were created, historical records have been maintained in their original form. This may include terminology and cultural references which do not reflect the present-day interpretations, conclusions and values of Albert College.