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CHANGE by Head Prefect, Jasper

By House League Prefect and Head Prefect, Jasper


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to CHANGE the world."  
- Nelson Mandela, Political Prisoner, South African President.  

So many quotes, songs and addresses by Leaders speak on the topic of CHANGE.  And 2020 is really all about CHANGE, both inside and outside of AC.  As we continue to battle through a global pandemic, all aspects of the school have had to pivot in order to safely commence and maintain on campus learning. Whether it be in Academics, Arts, Adventure, Active Citizenship or Athletics, we have all had to make accommodations by Adapting and CHANGING. As the House League Prefect, I have worked hard with Mr. Loiselle to reimagine and CHANGE how the four Houses can compete and continue in contributing to life at AC.

In aspiring for a COVID-19 free school year, the AC community – staff and students alike – have all had to make sacrifices. My goal is to adapt so as House League is not one of those sacrifices. We look forward to house league events, the very morale and spirit of the AC community are directly connected to these events. This year, with different extra-curricular options, House League has no other option than to CHANGE, now playing a big part in maintaining the high morale of the school while keeping student and staff safety at the forefront. To that point, the House League program is a collaborative effort. The elected House League captains and I have been brainstorming new and unique competitions that incorporate teamwork and practice safe and effective social distancing.

"CHANGE is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."  - John F. Kennedy (D), US President 1960-63.  

Albert College House League still remains a work in progress, yet we are all committed to achieving a successful and memorable year. Not only is patience important, but willingness to accept CHANGE is necessary. The message that I want to get across today is, CHANGE is hard, but as some of the luminaries quoted above have made abundantly clear and what we as a school have accomplished to this point, it is well worth it.

For any alumni interested…
DEROCHE – 80 points
GRAHAM -63 points
BAKER – 58 points
BISHOP -54 points

This post was typed on the evening the US Government started the hand-over of power to President-Elect Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate. The election turned largely on the power and vote of minorities and African Americans who were inspired by leaders like Nelson Mandela. Both men are now gone, but their legacy of CHANGE is alive.