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Chapel - A Time to Gather Together

This year, I am very fortunate to be Albert College’s Chapel Prefect. Each morning, staff and students at Albert College gather in our school's chapel for announcements and presentations. My role, as Chapel Prefect, is to organize and facilitate the prefects, speakers, and myself, as we start our day together.  

Albert College has many different cultures, as it is an international and boarding school. To commence chapel each morning, I say good morning in a different language to make people feel included, and in the hope that students and staff members will greet one another and learn about different cultures. This gesture helps to foster inclusivity, and the diversity of cultures, into our school’s chapel assemblies. 

On many days in chapel, students present topics they are passionate about, by speaking before the school. I help to foster these passions, by finding time for students to educate our school community. Students this year have educated our school community on topics such as Terry Fox, Truth and Reconciliation Week, Filipino History Month, Transgender Awareness Month, and climate change. Chapel presentations are a wonderful opportunity for students to provide enrichment for the Albert College staff and students.  

In chapel, we also recognize and celebrate other important traditions. These have included things like a Thanksgiving Service, where people shared things for which they are thankful, a Remembrance Day Service to remember veterans, including those who served as members of the Albert College community, and Candlelight Carol Services when we gather as a community before the holidays.  

On other mornings, the prefects and I run chapel games for the student body. Whether it be World Cup-themed soccer games, Kraft Dinner tower building for a school-wide food drive, or poetry writing competitions, morning chapel activities are a time for students to connect, enjoy each other's company, and showcase their talents.  

It has been my pleasure to host everyone during chapel assemblies this year, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the new year! 

-Sophie, Grade 12 student and Chapel Prefect