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Exciting Challenges

When I first entered the Middle School in Grade 7, I was introduced to what the prefects were and what they did, and I decided that I wanted to try to become one. Going through the Middle School (and half of high school) I got a better understanding of what being a prefect meant. And then COVID-19 hit and everything changed. 

Once everything moved online, I had no idea what being a prefect would be like. How could you organize events when everyone only saw one another through a screen? Even when in-person learning was back, everything still seemed so different because of the COVID-19 protocols. The prefects had to quickly adapt to this entirely new situation.

Unlike last year’s prefects, most of this year’s prefects have had the opportunity to see how different events were run before as well as during COVID-19. We have seen the difference it has made in what things were still possible, what could be added, and what had to be altered or discarded completely. This unique perspective has influenced the way we have done our jobs as prefects, always keeping COVID-19 and cohorts in mind as we plan anything.

So far, being a prefect this year has been an exciting challenge. It feels like the year has only just begun and yet it is almost November. We have already finished the Terry Fox Run, which is our first big active citizenship event of the year, and we have started collecting food for Gleaners Food Bank. 

Even though everything is still a little different than normal, perhaps due to last year’s experience it feels like we have returned somewhat to some sort of normalcy. As the year progresses further, I’m excited to see what challenges the prefect team will be able to tackle together.

Written By Sydney
Active Citizenship Prefect