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Alumnus, Simon Warren '03 - Victory over Injury

Victory Over Injury

An Albert College story written by Alumnus, Simon Warren '03

Since 2003 when I graduated from Albert College, I have always looked back. You need to know where you have come from to know where you are going. AC is my fondest memory I have of school life. I loved everything about AC from the teachers, food services and facilities staff, and everyone in between. I cannot see myself being where I am today if I had not attended Albert College. They taught me my core values that have stood me in good stead ever since.

I left Barbados in 1998 to attend Albert College at the age of 15. That first afternoon when my parents drove off, I cried and I knew no one. But quickly Albert College became my home and my family and I realized that Albert College was where I needed to be.  

Simon Warren '03

In 2001, I had a devastating car accident which left me with a traumatic brain injury and in a coma for many months, and then years of rehabilitation. This meant I missed an entire academic year. I only had one more year of school to complete and I was determined to go back to Albert College. The College made that possible and accommodated my “special needs” both in class and in the dorm, daily therapy sessions and everyone ensured that I graduated. I am eternally grateful for their assistance in getting me back on my feet and helping me to keep a positive attitude for my new life ahead.

Simon Warren '03

But one thing that kept me sane throughout these dark days was the fact I was going back to Albert College. I had one more year to complete. I didn’t care how, but I was going back.

So a year later, I left my cane at the airport in Barbados, and I was going home to AC. It was hard, but with the help of my amazing teachers and the staff (you know who you are) I walked again and was able to talk again. 

There were so many hearts that touched me. You all know who you are, and please know that you made me who I am today. Everyone of you played an important part, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Simon Warren '03 and family

I am blessed to have regained many of my faculties, but I still cannot cry since my accident. But with everything lost there is always something gained. I now express my emotions through beautiful prose. (Thank you, Mrs. Walker.)

I wrote a poem which now hangs in the common room at AC, titled, “Doors”. AC was my door and my elevator to get me to where I needed to be.

I now have a beautiful wife, Camilla, and three wonderful and energetic boys, Arthur, Henry and George who are the loves of our lives.

Be all you can be, and always remember you are (a lot cooler with AC in your life!)

Even now as I write this article all these years later, I get emotional just remembering all those wonderful times. Thank you Albert College for giving me my life back.

- Simon Warren '03