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House Leagues: More Than Just A Team

Being this year's House League prefect has provided me with a lot of insight into why House League competition is so important. It brings together students and staff, fostering a sense of dedication and working together towards a common goal. It pushes students out of their comfort zone, which can lead to an increase in confidence and a feeling of belongingness. 

Arriving at a new school, regardless of age, can be daunting, but as soon as you arrive you are sorted into one of our four House League teams: Deroche, Graham, Bishop and Baker. Not only initiating an immediate sense of fellowship and commonality, but throwing you into tons of fun through House League events. Whether it's the first boarding weekend playing spike ball, capture the flag, or at camp Tamakwa, there’s always enjoyment to be had and community to find support in.

House League is not just about athletics or academics, the idea of house league is carried throughout our schools community service fundraisers like the Gleaners food drive. It is also prevalent through our arts program, as many of the arts shows and competitions are for House League points.

The balance between belonging to your team and competing against others really produces a fervent sense of spirit, enthusiasm and community that we see present in all aspects of the Albert College Family. Being this year's prefect, it has been amazing to see all of the participation, leadership and fun that has been enjoyed throughout the year. 

We are currently coming to the end of the school year, and I can't wait to see who wins this year; in a last grab for points we are running Volleyball, Basketball and Floor Hockey, to which the turnouts have been great. We have seen people playing sports they have never tried, and having fun while doing it. There has been a real supportive and loving environment created within the teams, and that reverberates outward, energizing the school as a whole.

Grade 12 Student and House League Prefect