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"I thought I knew exactly what I was in for..."

A message from Grade 12 Boarding student and Victoria Manor Prefect, Zuri.

"Having been at Albert College for 2 years pre-pandemic, I thought I knew exactly what I was in for my senior year seeing 2 different sets of prefects successfully navigate their duties as school leaders. My role was simple, follow in their footsteps, keep the tradition going and have fun doing it. Imagine my surprise when I learned, that as a group, this year’s prefects were going to have to completely rethink everything we knew about our portfolios.

Albert College has always held close knit family values close at heart. How were we going to uphold this same connected environment from 2 metres apart and from behind a mask? We quickly took advantage of the warm weather and held movie nights and water balloons in the quad separating the cohort groups. Once the air turned cold, we were at a loss. After multiple planning sessions and burning the midnight oil, we had collectively decided, it was time for change.

Without the looming shadow of tradition, we were able to quickly use technology, now accessible to us through the modernization of our learning, to create new and inventive activities for the entire school. From virtual trivia, door decorating contests and Tetris tournaments to endless themed dress down days, we have essentially exhausted the very idea of school spirit. 

Somehow, through the screens and acrylic barriers, we have managed to become much closer as a school. We have fostered bonds through Edsby and Microsoft Teams, platforms that less than a year ago were unbeknownst to the entire school population, and are now a vital part of our everyday lives.

As a prefect, more importantly as a person, I am so proud of my fellow prefects and their ability to adapt to all the curveballs we have had thrown at us so far this school year. I am honoured to have shared my last year at Albert College working along side this amazing prefect team, and the incredibly supportive Victoria Manor staff who have made my final year at Albert College extremely memorable and special."