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Life At The Manor

As this year’s Manor Prefect, I want to make 2022/2023 a memorable year for everyone in Victoria Manor. Working with the house directors in residence, we aim for each person to feel welcomed, heard and included. Beyond that, we thrive on making life at Albert College a positive and fun experience. I am proud to say we have had a good start this year!

After returning from Camp Tamakwa, we had an orientation activity for all three boarding houses in the first week of school. The students were allowed to explore our beautiful campus and make new friendships within the boarding community. Following that, we took the Manor boarding students to downtown Belleville, where we visited the farmers market and one of the local cafés. These are only two of the many activities we have planned for Manor residents. 

Living in a boarding school means getting to know many people and their cultures from all around the world, and living with your friends. Sometimes, it also means sharing everything and being part of a group. We strive to make everybody in Victoria Manor feel seen and acknowledged as an individual. Our “Birthday doors” are one way of doing that, and have been a tradition in the Manor for a long time. 

For every birthday during the school year, the Manor Prefect decorates the door the night of the student's birthday. Thus, the person wakes up to a fully decorated door, showing the school community’s/Manor’s appreciation for them. I know from personal experience how much it means to have a handwritten sign made for you. Many of the Manor residents keep their decorations on the door, or in their rooms, even after their birthday has passed.

Throughout the year, I hope to continue to encourage Manor spirit through our bonding events, like apple picking and sports games. By encouraging Manor activities, the school community gets stronger and the students get a true Canadian experience. I love to see students appreciate the Victoria Manor community and call Albert their “home away from home”. I am looking forward to an amazing and fun year at the Manor.

- Franziska, Grade 12 Student and Victoria Manor Prefect