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Make the Most of your High School Experience

High school is a time when students can make mistakes, try new things and discover who they are and want to be. Using this time wisely has both practical and personal benefits. A well-rounded high school experience provides students with a better chance of being accepted into university or college, allows them to find their passions and hobbies and develops character. 

At Albert College, our program inspires excellence in the 5 ‘A’s: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure. One hundred percent of graduates in the class of 2020 are pursuing a post-secondary education (as of June 2020). 

The criteria for university and college acceptances are changing. Acceptances are no longer solely based on academic averages. A student with a B average and lots of community involvement and participation in athletics and the arts has an equal chance of getting into their university of choice when up against a straight A student with perfect grades but no extra-curricular involvement.

Even with a flawless academic record, students can be rejected from their school of choice because universities are looking for more that straight A's and want well-rounded students that are involved in a variety of extra curricular activities.

When considering how to spend your time in high school, think of how your extra-curricular activities will appear on your post-secondary applications. Involvement in each of Albert's 5 ‘A’s is an easy way to diversify your application and make yourself stand out from others. 


Autumn Arts Concert

 Community Winds, Autumn Arts Concert

U20 field hockey

 U20 Girls Field Hockey

Climate change protest

 Climate Change protest







Highlighting your experience and accomplishments in one of the ‘A’s is also an easy essay topic or reference point to discuss in interviews. 

Beyond the practical benefits, a well-rounded high school experience allows students to discover a variety of activities and find what they enjoy and what they dislike. These hobbies can develop into passions leading to a career or stay as hobbies providing a positive outlet. 

Although the primary focus of any education is academics, striving for excellence in other areas ensures students develop into well-rounded global citizens.

Participation in the arts, athletics, active citizenship and adventure A's helps to develop our students’ character. Activities in these areas teach life skills that are applicable in the classroom and beyond. Learning empathy, teamwork, grit and how to reach beyond what seems possible is just as important as the sciences and humanities. 

At Albert College every student is an 'A' student. Click here to discover what the Albert College difference can mean for you. 

Senior School students preparing to leave for a service trip to Tanzania

 Students preparing to leave for a service trip to Tanzania

Fall Duke of Edinburgh

 Fall Duke of Edinburgh Trip