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My Favourite AC Tradition

Hi, I'm Miranda and I am the Victoria Manor Prefect this year. I am a boarding student from Mexico and I started my Albert College journey in Grade 8. One of my favourite AC traditions is the Manor Holiday Party.

My favourite event during the holiday season is our Secret Santa at the Manor Holiday Party. Everyone in the girls residence, including staff, is given the name of someone they have to buy three gifts for. The first and second gifts are delivered directly to the person with clues as to who their Secret Santa might be. The last gift is placed under the Christmas tree in our common room with a third and final clue. During our annual Holiday Manor Party, the Victoria Manor Prefect is in charge of giving everyone their last gift. We all sit around and watch each person open their gift and try to guess who their Secret Santa is based on the clues they were given.

We enjoy delicious snacks and treats that Food Services prepares for us. It is so much fun to watch people open their gifts. It never fails to brighten up the mood during the cold month of December. It is fun to watch the girls who have never participated in a Secret Santa before open their gifts. I like how this event brings us all together. Often, girls will ask other girls for advice about what to buy their person so they are sure that they will like it. Everyone puts a lot of effort into their gifts. It is also a great opportunity to get to know everyone that little bit more through the clues they gave out. It is fun to find out who has a pet at home, or someone's favourite colour or movie.

This year, as the Manor Prefect, I had a big role to play in the Party. Helping to get everything organized and setup, and getting student volunteers to help as well. I was also the one giving out the last present under the tree to each of the girls.

I received three wonderful presents from my Secret Santa and the person I purchased gifts for liked their presents as well. This event has always been a highlight, but this years party is probably one of my best memories from my Grade 12 year so far. I am excited for what is to come, but sad that this is my last Secret Santa at Victoria Manor. I can't wait to make more incredible memories with all the girls at the Manor as we embark on the second half of the school year.

Victoria Manor Prefect