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Announcing Albert College’s 2020-21 Prefects

When the request for applications to be a 2020-21 Prefect was sent out to students, 19 submissions were received. The 19 students were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer a question in front of their peers during morning Chapel. Students, staff and faculty then voted to elect 11 new Prefects for 2020-21.

The voting was not easy, with so many extraordinary candidates to choose from, but we are thrilled to announce the 2020-21 Prefects of Albert College:

Victoria Manor Prefect: Zuri

The Victoria Manor Prefect is responsible for acting as the intermediary between the House Director (boarding staff) and the girls in Victoria Manor. They work in conjunction with the House Director and staff to develop the leadership skills of the Flat Seniors and works as a positive member of the house team to ensure the smooth running of a healthy, happy residence.

Zuri’s leadership and collaborative skills will help her to become an excellent prefect. When asked why she would like to be a prefect, Zuri said it is because it is an opportunity to give back to the AC community.

Dining Hall Prefect: Ross

The Dining Hall Prefect is responsible for actively planning and supporting a variety of special events which occur throughout the year in Ackerman Hall by engaging various student groups.  This may also include the planning of special menus. They are a consistent presence on campus and specifically in Ackerman Hall to ensure an inclusive environment for all members of the Albert community.

Ross’ enthusiasm to make Albert College the best it can be will help him excel in his prefect role. Ross feels that his experience of being a new student at multiple other schools in the past will help ensure that Albert continues to be an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. 

Social Prefect: Sydney

The Social Prefect is responsible for actively planning and leading a variety of inclusive and engaging events throughout the year which encourage student participation across the school.  They are a consistent presence on campus and all school activities, striving to bring together and engage various student groups, such as day and boarding, international and local, and Middle and Senior school.

Growing up at Albert, Sydney has always looked up to the prefects and hopes to be that role model for younger students. Sydney’s good judgement and heavy involvement with Albert activities will make her a great prefect.

Adventure Prefect: Canniff

The Adventure Prefect is responsible for promoting the existing Albert College adventure program and trips and to develop new adventure initiatives that are inclusive, affordable and ADVENTUROUS!  They promote and support the Duke of Edinburgh program and consult and assist students in achieving their bronze, silver and gold awards.

Having participated in all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh program, Canniff is familiar with Albert College’s adventures and is looking forward to helping to improve the school with a group of like-minded peers. His confidence and empathetic nature will help him succeed in his prefect role.

House League Prefect: Jasper

The House League Prefect is responsible for helping plan and coordinate House League events and works with the House Captains to develop their leadership skills. They act as a link between the staff advisor and the House Captains and arrange all the publicity for House League events. This prefect is the “face” of the House League program.

As a high energy, enthusiastic person, Jasper has been known to organize House League events that appeal to all students and staff. Jasper’s creativity and resourcefulness will serve him well in his prefect role. 

Chapel Prefect: Ruby

The Chapel Prefect is responsible for coordinating the daily Chapel services including collecting and scheduling announcements and arranging for guest speakers. They help with major Chapel services throughout the year as well, including the Candlelight Carol Service and Convocation.

Ruby’s ability to organize fun and engaging activities and communicate effectively with all students will help her in her role as prefect. When asked why she would like to be a prefect, Ruby said she would like to help make every student at the school feel included. 

Active Citizenship Prefect: Myron

The Active Citizenship Prefect is responsible for helping plan, coordinate and promote active citizenship events. They work with smaller groups of students to plan major events, and ensures that the student body is well informed of upcoming active citizenship opportunities.

Myron’s constant involvement in Active Citizenship trips and initiatives will help him in his role as prefect. His desire to be in a position where he can bring about change encouraged him to apply for the role and his desire to facilitate a sense of unity at the school will make him successful in this position.

Graham Hall Prefect: Thien

The Graham Hall Prefect is responsible for acting as the intermediary between the House Director (boarding staff) and the students in Graham Hall and Baker Hall when appropriate.  They work in conjunction with the House Director to develop the leadership skills of the Flat Seniors and work as a positive member of the house team to ensure the smooth running of a healthy residence.

Thien’s experience as a coach and tutor for those younger than him have set him up for success in his new role. When asked why he would like to be a prefect, Thien said he wants to help and support his younger peers.

Arts Prefect: Elliot

The Arts Prefect is responsible for helping to organize arts events. They will work with arts teachers and students to help organize, promote and assist in running arts events throughout the school year.

Elliot’s experience of over five years of participating in bands and ensembles at Albert has set him up to be successful in his new role. Elliot is looking forward to applying his leadership and teamwork skills to motivating other students.

Advancement Prefect: Isabella

The Advancement Prefect is responsible for assisting members of the Advancement Office team with event management and promotion. They also recruit other student volunteers as required to support the activities of the Advancement Office.

Isabella’s organization and compassion will serve her well in her new role. When asked why she applied to be a prefect, Isabella said she loves helping people and that being a prefect means she will be able to help all of her fellow students at Albert. 

Enrolment Prefect: Alina

The Enrolment Prefect is responsible for assisting the Director of Enrolment Management in organizing and conducting all aspects of recruiting and admissions. They are key to presenting Albert College as a friendly, attractive, caring school to parents, prospective students and the public. They help recruit, select, train and organize a group of student guides and hosts.

As a prefect, Alina hopes to maintain Albert’s positive and welcoming environment for the entire community. Her dedication to school activities and involvement in extra-curriculars will help Alina to excel in her new role.

Congratulations to all of our new 2020-21 Albert College Prefects. You have all earned your new titles and we are excited to see what incredible ideas you have over this next year.