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Alumni Mentorship Program

We are very excited to announce our Albert College Alumni Post-Secondary Mentor Program.

How it works:
· AC alumni volunteer mentors offer their assistance answering questions about their chosen post–secondary institution or program.

· AC alumni attending their first or a new post-secondary institution can reach out to and AC will assist in finding a match to an appropriate mentor.

· Contact information is shared between mentor and mentee and the connection begins!

I am excited to connect with more alumni and help current students figure out the whole university decision process. I find there is a lot of unneeded stress that can be helped by simply connecting with a friendly face.

- Faith Saar '19

If you are an AC alumna/alumnus and are interested in being either a post-secondary mentor or are beginning a new journey with a post-secondary institution/program and have some questions please email We look forward to hearing from you!

I'm super excited for this mentor program. I think it'll be a great resource and will be fun to connect with other alumni. I would have loved to have this in my graduating year but I'm glad it is here to help me in my first year of university.

- Tina Li '20