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Hidden Treasure in the Albert College Archives

Over the last few months, the Advancement Office at Albert College has been uncovering hidden treasures in the archives. Thanks to an eight-week grant from the Canada Summer Grants Program we have been able to hire a young alumnus who has been working meticulously to uncover, sort and digitize archived materials that have been accumulating at Albert College for almost 100 years.

Over a year ago, a family member of an alumnus from the 1910s reached out to us at Albert College with a question. Her grandfather was pictured in a photo (pictured above) that was posted on our website in the Our History section. It turned out she too had a copy of the very same photo that was given to her by her grandparents.

She wanted to know more about the location or details surrounding this photo of her grandfather. We were able to date the photo and looked for similar photos from that era. We also uncovered an additional photo of her grandfather (pictured below) that was included in a scrap book that had been donated to Albert College from an alumnus years ago. She and her family members had never seen this photo of their grandfather before.

We then reached out to the Belleville Archives for further assistance. Where was this mystery skating rink located? The archivist, as well as members of the Historical Society, used fire insurance records from Albert College and were nearly certain they knew. They discovered that the skating rink was most likely built between the old school building, and the gymnasium (pictured in the back of the first skating party photo). The original Albert College was then located on what is now know as College Street in Belleville.  

In addition to the above information, we were also able to share one more athletics photo from 1916-17 (pictured below) of alumnus Frederick Charles Harding from the Class of 1917 with his family. They were thrilled to see the photos in the Albert College Archives collection and picked out Frederick right away.