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Mr. Clark is a school day hero

Mr. Clark is our custodian at the Junior School. He was recognized this week as a school day hero on a local radio station and he is definitely a school day hero. 

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"In fact some days, we might even see him cleaning the school wearing a cape! He goes above and beyond to keep our school safe and clean. Mr. Clark is known for his fun drawings on the large rolls of paper towel that are on his cart and each week we look forward to seeing who will be featured next. Sometimes, we even see him wearing his storm trooper mask to clean the windows! Known for his sense of humour and big heart, Mr. Clark never hesitates to lend a helping hand. He stops whatever he is doing to address an issue, from an accident on the floor to retrieving a ball from the roof, even if it interrupts his lunch. Sometimes, he will even help out with our 'A' Day activities by sharing his love for board games and fishing with our students. We are so thankful to have Mr. Clark as our custodian. He is definitely our school day hero!"