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What does Albert College mean to you?

A Bermudian student and alumnus share what Albert College means to them.

Thomas Grade 11

Meet Thomas, a Grade 11 student at Albert College from Bermuda. We asked Thomas what Albert College meant to him. Here is what he had to say:

"This is my second year at Albert College, and I have felt welcomed and supported each and every day. The school has an incredible way of bringing students and staff together from different cultures, fostering caring relationships and an engaging learning environment. I have found a small, community environment beneficial for me inside and outside the classroom. I have developed meaningful relationships with my classmates, and am encouraged and supported by my teachers.

With the onset of COVID-19, I know I can count on the excellent boarding staff to make me feel safe and at home. Their dedication has brought us all closer together and boarding life has remained a fun place to be despite the circumstances. AC has offered relentless support, championing a strong community and becoming my home away from home. I am proud to be a part of this family!"


Craig, Albert College alumnus

Meet Craig, an Albert College alumnus from Bermuda who graduated in 1988. Craig recently shared with us what Albert College means to him:

Craig enjoyed international culture and involvement in athletics while pursuing academic excellence while a high school student at Albert College in Ontario, Canada.

As a recent recipient of the Fellowship designation from Chartered Professional Accountants of Bermuda, Craig currently serves as Group Head of Finance for the Bank of N.T. Butterfield in Bermuda. Previously, he was a Partner with KPMG (Bermuda) where he was the sector leader for the Banking and Asset Management sectors, and was also Head of People with responsibility for Human Resources, Learning & Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Performance Management and the Graduate program.

Craig continues to contribute to his local and global communities currently serving as Chair of the Finance Committee of the Albert College Board of Governors and, in Bermuda, Chairman of the Governing Body of the Berkeley Institute, a member of the Board of Education, as well as member of the Frederick Sydney Smith ’31 Scholarship Committee, which issues scholarships for the benefit of Bermudian students in Grades 9 to 12 attending Albert College. He is also a Director of the Bermuda Airport Authority with responsibility for its Finance Committee.

Craig credits his experiences at Albert College as a significant contributor to his preparations for his career and his ability to contribute to the community. At Albert College he made lifelong friends and invaluable academic and athletic experiences.