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Tuition Assistance

Albert College offers a variety of payment plans, scholarships and bursaries to make the school accessible to deserving students. Students must successfully complete the application process prior to being considered for scholarships or tuition assistance.

Scholarships are available to students in Grades 7 through 12 and are awarded on the basis of merit and achievement. Scholarship recipients are also eligible for bursary assistance.

Bursary assistance is based on need and is available to deserving students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

Junior School Merit Scholarship - Junior Division

Albert College Junior School is pleased to offer Junior Division scholarships to qualifying, incoming students. This scholarship may begin in Grade 4, 5 or 6, and will be renewed each year in the Junior School, providing academic achievement and deportment is maintained.

The scholarship recipient will be awarded up to $10,000 each year in attendance in Junior School. Upon completion of Grade 6, application may be made for any Middle School scholarships available.

Albert College is an independent, co-educational school recognized for enriching programs in Academics, the Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship, and Adventure - the 5 'A's. Students graduating from Albert College in Grade 12 typically enter the post-secondary program of their choice. Come and see the difference an Albert College education can make in the life of your child!

To apply for a Junior Division scholarship, click the button below to begin your registration application.

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Senior School Scholarships

Each year several Albert College scholarships are available to new students entering Grades 7 through 12. They are awarded on the basis of merit and achievement as established by Albert College or the donor. In addition to completing an Albert College application and submitting the application fee, prospective students must submit a Scholarship Application form, a Teacher Evaluation form, and a copy of the past two years academic reports, which demonstrate a serious commitment toward academic excellence. The scholarship application deadline for prospective students is January 15 annually. However, subsequent applications will be considered on an individual basis and announced accordingly.  

Scholarship recipients are also eligible for bursary assistance, if the amount of the scholarship is insufficient to enable them to attend the school. Scholarships are renewable each year, provided the recipient maintains good academic standing, participates in school life and meets all other school requirements. In addition, Bermudian students who have shown outstanding academic and all-round achievement are eligible for the Frederick Sydney Smith ’31 Scholarships which are awarded annually through the HSBC Bank Bermuda. These scholarships range from $5,000 - $40,000.

Additional Scholarships


Bursaries are grants funded by donations and the school’s Endowment Funds. Donations are made to the Annual Fund by alumni, individuals and foundations that support the Albert College philosophy and wish to provide the opportunity for talented and deserving students to attend the school. Bursaries are awarded by the school and carry no obligation of repayment; although, it is hoped that beneficiaries will, in the future, become donors to the Annual Fund. Some bursaries carry a citation recognizing the various individual attributes which contribute to a well-rounded student population. Bursaries are renewable each year, provided the recipient maintains good academic and social standing. However, all families must reapply annually. Albert College is a member of the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) program.

Tuition Assistance FAQ

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