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Endowment Funds

Albert College's Endowments Funds are its savings accounts. Gifts to endowments are invested and only a portion of income generated each year is used for specific purposes such as scholarships and bursaries, professional development and facility and program enhancements. 

A named Endowment Fund may be established with a gift of $25,000.  

Albert College’s named Endowment Funds include:

  • Jamie PH Fund
  • John Davidson ’59 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Henry Kerr ’29 Science and Technology Memorial
  • Meta Moon Briegel Music Scholarship
  • James Briegel Chair in Instrumental Music
  • Florence (Meta Moon) Briegel Chair in Vocal Music
  • McCullough Andrews Teaching Fellowship
  • Dr. Bert and Mrs. Mabel Howard Scholarship Award
  • Gordon J. Ford Music Award
  • Audrey A. Middleton ’49 Bursary
  • Douglas Lindsay ’46 Award
  • Edward L. Baker Darius Dunham Award
  • Peggy Flatt Trust
  • Waheed Brown'98 Scholarship for Charitable Bermudians

An endowment is a wonderful legacy opportunity for families and friends to honour a loved one in perpetuity.  Endowments increase in value over time creating an enduring legacy.

For more information about Albert College Endowment Funds or to make an endowment gift, please contact Helen Walsh, Director of Advancement at or call (1) 613-968-5726 extension 2274.