Heather Kidd
Director of Enrolment Management & House Director of Victoria Manor

Heather Kidd has worked at Albert College for over 30 years and has truly made the school her home. While she is the Director of Enrolment Management, she has also had the pleasure of living in and overseeing the girls' residence for the past 15 years. Heather enjoys traveling all over the world to meet new students and their families. She then has the pleasure of living with the students and ensuring they feel comfortable during their time at Albert College. Parents feel it's particularly comforting when they meet Heather during her admission travels, knowing that they are also getting to meet the very person who will be their child’s "mom away from home".  With Heather's open door policy, our girls always know they are welcome to drop by for a chat, have some home cooking or even just get a hug from their Canadian mom!