Albert College students rally against Climate Change

Albert College students joined local Belleville residents to voice their concern about the federal government's position on climate change. The Climate Action Strike was held outside Neil Ellis's constituency office in Belleville during the students lunch break on November 29 joining thousands of youth around the world taking a stand.

Our students received support and encouragement from their teachers, Head of School and a local resident who said, "I am so delighted to see a group of young kids out doing this because they are going to be suffering the impact of what we have done."

Head of School, Mark Musca said, "At Albert College, our focus is in five key areas (our 5 A’s), which are Academics, Arts, Athletics, Adventure and Active Citizenship. In developing students who are Active Citizens, our vision is to encourage students to become involved and to participate in a variety of initiatives such as volunteer work for local, national, and international causes. Furthermore, we encourage our students to stand-up for what they believe. Our school’s Activist Club feels passionately about bringing awareness to the issue of climate change and so they have been staging climate protests during lunchtime throughout the school year. Our students are demanding change to address the climate crisis, and they are to be commended for bringing increased awareness to this very important issue." - Mark Musca, Head of School at Albert College.

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