Boarding at Albert: September

Boarding at Albert College is always filled with fun things to see and do, and opportunities to become leaders among peers. Here are some of the various activities boarding students have been up to during their first month at Albert:

September 7 - 8

Miss Powell brought the Middle School boarders to Dairy Queen as their first outing. The boys enjoyed their dairy treats - some even going back for seconds! Students then had a short tour of downtown Belleville to help the boys become more familiar with the area. 

Miss Powell introduced the Manor girls to some local shopping by bringing them to the Farmers' Market in downtown Belleville. The girls were excited to eat the food from the vendors (dumplings were a favourite!), share their baked goods while walking around and cook with in-season produce. 

September 14 - 15

Middle School boarders visited Tim Horton's for some after school snacks, at the request of the boys. The group chowed down on a box of Timbits and enjoyed figuring out what their favourite flavours were. Grade 11 students, Zuri and Alina, planned outdoor activities with the boys so that they could enjoy some fun in the sun. The Middle School boarders also got crafty in the kitchen and made ice-cream sandwiches to beat the heat.

The Manor girls were invited to spend some of their down time making friendship bracelets; the theme seemed very relevant as there were circles of friends sharing their music and singing together while creating colourful personalized jewellery. Girls with advanced bracelet-making skills took leadership roles as they stepped in to assist those who needed extra help, and new friendships were formed as a result. It was a very relaxing end to what was a busy week!


September 21 - 22

Eighteen girls at Victoria Manor participated in making specialty milkshakes and smoothies! The girls had a grand time dressing their drinks in whip cream, cookies, donuts, candy, chocolate, flavoured syrups and sprinkles! There were lots of smiles and laughter!

Boarding students from Baker House, Graham Hall, and Victoria Manor joined together in a friendly game of paintball as a weekend outing. The students were placed on Mr. Crowhurst or Mr. Hunter's team. They spent a few hours showing off their teamwork skills and their ability to strategize together. Though it was raining, students' spirits were not dampened as they took to the field.

September 28 - 29

The girls at Victoria Manor enjoyed arts and crafts on the weekend as they decorated signs for their doors. The girls used paint, glitter stickers and chalkboard messages to personalize their signs to display messages such as "welcome in" or "no knocking, sleeping" to alert their flatmates and staff whether they are available at the time.

The boys in Baker had a BBQ and movie night. They made fresh homemade burgers and grilled them up while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.