Celebrating 25 years of the Shewfelt Memorial Lecture!

We enjoyed a wonderful day on Thursday, November 21 celebrating the 25th Anniversary Shewfelt Memorial Lecture with Robert Koehler from Global Athlete. Mr. Koehler spoke with Albert College coaches for a special Lunch and Learn, and our students in Grade 7 to 12. We welcomed parents and the community later that evening for a public lecture with Mr. Koehler as well. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Mr. Koehler shared his experience working for the World Anti-Doping Agency during the Russian doping scandal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He shared some interesting facts and shocking statistics about the Olympics and the percentage of athletes who are doping. Did you know that athletes do not receive any kind of payment when they compete in the Olympics? Mr. Koehler shared some stories from his experience working with athletes, politicians and high level officials at the Olympics and in the world of professional sport.

Mr. Koehler concluded his presentation with an inspiring message. He told our students to be true to themselves and their individuality. He encouraged students to protect their character and integrity and to use their voice to speak up about what is right.