Inside Look at The Manor Weekend Activities

Weekend: September 29
Roll out the pizzas!
The students at the Manor had a ball trying their hand at transforming their basic circle of dough into a pizza with pizzazz! The girls threw themselves into the challenge with great humour as they tossed, rolled and manipulated their dough into the perfect circle. As usual, there was great camaraderie as girls stepped in to help those who needed some guidance. The girls got to sit and eat their pies together and sample each other’s ‘art.’

Weekend: Saturday, October 19
Vision board
Miss Powell led the Manor girls in creating vision and goal boards. The girls showed their creative flair as they mapped out their goals, with common themes of self-care, stress management, and positivity showing up in different areas of their work. A number of girls excitedly shared with each other where they were going to place their vision boards in their rooms, as well as sharing ideas for both themes and layouts if anyone in the group was stumped. 

Weekend: Saturday, October 26
Halloween prep
The ladies at the Manor spent time making Jack Skellington candy apples and decorated pumpkins for the Halloween season. There were lots of laughs and fun times, making jokes and giggling! The ladies continued their fun with Halloween movies, popcorn and homemade white hot chocolate!