We Day in Toronto

On September 20, 32 students and four faculty were up at the crack of dawn to attend We Day in Toronto. The event brought together world-renowned speakers, A-list performers and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that has transformed communities and changed lives.

"Even though every person is different, we all have something very important in common. We want to be accepted and treated equally with kindness"

 - Jacob Tremblay, Child Actor

Hear what some students had to say about their We Day experiences below:

"I think the quote by Jacob Tremblay embodies everything that We Day is about! I was very excited to go to We Day and it definitely exceeded my expectations. One of my favourite speakers was Cerenna-Tee Racey. I think that it's amazing how much she can accomplish even with her disabilities. It really reminded me how you can overcome anything."
- Madelyn, Grade 8

"Altogether, We Day made me realize that I can do so much more for our world than I already am. Sure, I have some volunteer hours, but after seeing teens younger than me go on stage and present their impact on our world, I realized that I have yet to truly create a positive change."
- Jaimeson, Grade 11

"We Day was a very fun experience. One of the speakers I really enjoyed listening to was Mariatu Kamara. Her talk about what she went through during the Civil War was quite eye-opening. Its great that even though she has lost her hands she is able to help inspire others by sharing her story."
- Sydney, Grade 9

"I enjoyed listening to Adam McMaster’s talk about his struggles in high school and how he has overcome them. It was very inspiring to me to see how far he has come despite all the negative words that were said to him."
- Rhiannon, Grade 9