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Albert College has been called home by many generations of students, both boarding and day.

The students and staff at Albert will soon become your extended family. Albert College offers boarding to all students from Grades 7 to 12. A 'home away from home' to students from across the world, Albert College provides its students with the unique opportunity to understand and learn about other cultures.

At Albert College, we have three boarding houses: Baker House (Junior), Graham Hall (Senior) and Victoria Manor (Junior and Senior). All boarding houses have common rooms with TVs, gaming equipment, lounge furniture, laundry facilities and areas for making light snacks. All student rooms have internet access.

International boarding school students in common space in residence.
International boarding school student doing homework
Female boarder sitting in her room in residence doing homeowrk
Boarding school students spending time in common spaces

The boarding lifestyle offers many opportunities for boarding students to become leaders among their peers.

The flat senior program is specifically designed to develop leadership skills in young students. Flat seniors assist boarding life staff in numerous activities, from social events to study hall sign-ins. Day and Boarding prefects, members of a team of graduate students elected by the school, provide leadership and support to the student body.

The boarding life staff are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide support, friendship and guidance. In addition, our Health Centre staff are available to facilitate all health concerns. At Albert College, students will learn about other cultures and make lifelong friends while also learning a great deal about themselves as individuals. We treat our community of boarders as an extended family that studies, learns, works, plays and grows together. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Living & Learning at Albert

Two, Three and Five-Day Boarding Program

Two, three and five-day boarding options are available beginning in Grade 7 and provide the best of both worlds - weekends with the family and weekdays to concentrate on academics, participate in athletics and fully explore the arts.

Structured independence in a safe, nurturing environment is what makes Albert’s five-day boarding program unique. Students who have had the opportunity to live away from home for the first time during high school often have a smoother transition to post-secondary studies. Boarding in a familiar, nurturing environment provides students with the opportunity to safely explore their independence. Ask us about all of our boarding options.

The students and staff at Albert will soon become your extended family. But don’t take our word for it – ask our students!

Juliana Testimonial

Student Testimonials

Quote Seven

When I first entered Baker House all the boys greeted me with a big hug and a huge smile. I instantly knew I wasn't alone. I was really impressed how everyone looked out for each other. So maybe we came in thinking that we were alone but we leave not only with friends, but brothers. EDUARDO, GRADE 8 - MEXICO

Quote Six

In Baker House we are a big family with different cultures and everyone is respected and cared for. if you like to meet new friends, play sports, eat delicious food and study, come to Baker House and join our family!RYAN, GRADE 10 - CHINA 

Quote Five

My favourite thing about Baker House is that it makes a real home for students coming from around to world. Being together every day and doing fun things makes all of us family with connections across the planet.MAXIM, GRADE 10 - TORONTO 

Quote Four

Albert College has been an amazing experience for me. Going from a girl in the islands to a Victoria Manor prefect is a fantastic feeling. This school has so many opportunities and brings each of us out of our comfort zone with athletics, arts and academics.SAMANTHA, GRADE 12 - BARBADOS

Quote Three

Living in Victoria Manor has helped me learn how to be a more confident student. Living in residence with other girls from around the world is an amazing experience making this such a positive encouraging environment.  STEPHANIE '16 - MEXICO

Quote Two

Over the past four years Albert College has been more than a school to me. It is my family and home away from home. I've seen friends come and go but the lessons, relationships and memories will last a lifetime. JOSHUA, GRADE 12 - BAHAMAS

Quote One

Albert College has been a great experiences. When I arrived, I saw welcoming and bright smiles from friends that made me feel comfortable. Since then, I made many new friends and we stick together as we enjoy our years at Albert.  KIARAN GRADE 12 - CAYMEN ISLANDS

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