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What is a Prefect? A Prefect is a student in their graduating year who is elected by students, teachers, and staff to lead the school community. Working together as a team, they regularly meet to plan activities that inspire school spirit and set the tone for the school year. Prefects have a responsibility to act as role models for younger students and their peers, all while maintaining a strong academic record.

Prefect Perspective

An inside look at life at Albert College, from a current Prefect's point of view.


Celebrating the Arts at Albert

As one of Albert’s 5 ‘A's, the arts at Albert College are a large part of student life. As the Arts Prefect, Sam is responsible for assisting in organizing and hosting various events in music, drama and visual art. Read Sam's Prefect Perspective on the different ways students can and have become involved in the arts at school.

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Being an Albert Ambassador

Being responsible for representing our school is an important piece of the Enrolment Prefect's portfolio. Read more to learn how this year's prefect, Emeline, assists prospective students interested in an Albert education.

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The Best Start to The Morning

"Each morning, in our chapel, the staff members and the students begin their day by listening to announcements and presentations."

- Alyssa, Chapel Prefect

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Bringing Our School Together: Athletics and House League

"One of my goals this year is to make house league accessible and engaging for our community by creating events and competitions dedicated to all aspects of the school, such as athletics, active citizenship, adventure and arts."

- Olivia, Athletics and House League Prefect

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Planning for a Positive Year

"I’m very grateful to be part of a team of amazing peers and being able to represent Albert College during my graduating year."

This year's Head and Social Prefect, Noah, shares some of the responsibilities both a Head Prefect and a Social Prefect hold, and his plans and goals for the rest of the school year.

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