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What is a Prefect? A Prefect is a student in their graduating year who is elected by students, teachers, and staff to lead the school community. Working together as a team, they regularly meet to plan activities that inspire school spirit and set the tone for the school year. Prefects have a responsibility to act as role models for younger students and their peers, all while maintaining a strong academic record.

Prefect Perspective

An inside look at life at Albert College, from a current Prefect's point of view.


The Arts at Albert: A Look Back

This year's Arts Prefect, Danté, describes how one of Albert College's 5 'A's played a role in many of our major school events, and the many opportunities students have had to express their creativity.

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Introducing Albert College to Prospective Students

"As Enrolment Prefect, I act as the ambassador for the school and help recruit excellent students from all around the world. I also assist with interviews, as it gives prospective students an opportunity to connect with a current student. I am lucky to be able to speak another language, which allows me to occasionally bridge the language barrier faced by some." 

Enrolment Prefect Kiwi shares her first-hand experience helping the Enrolment team introduce Albert College to potential students.


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Athletics: A Way for Albert Students to Showcase Their Talents

"For me, this year has been all about rebuilding school spirit related to sports. In the last two years, we were unable to have spectators at our games, and at times we were unable to compete at all. Now that athletics are in full swing, I have been trying to reconnect the school and fill the halls with energy, in support of our athletics."

Athletics Prefect Aaron talks school spirit, sports, and why it matters to students now more than ever.

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Black History Month: A Reflection

"My mother is a strong and intelligent black woman, retired principal and teacher, a long-time Albert College parent, and former member of the Albert College Board of Directors. Drawing on personal experiences, she spoke eloquently about what discrimination is, how it feels and looks, and gave thoughtful strategies on how to stand up against racism."

Danté, this year's Art Prefect, gives a thoughtful reflection on Black History Month at Albert College.

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How Social Events at Albert Impact Students

Social events are a fantastic way for students to step outside of their comfort zone and strengthen our school's community. Read more to find out what social events the students enjoyed this month, from our Grade 12 Social Prefect.

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