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Victoria Manor

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Victoria Manor is only a four-minute walk from the main campus, on Highland Avenue, while Graham Hall and Baker House are located on the main campus. The Victoria Manor residents enjoy their own fitness centre and yoga room, as well as a full-service kitchen where they often cook authentic dishes or bake cookies with friends. Victoria Manor has a number of common spaces; a TV/recreation room, dining and study room and a living room, as well as lots of outdoor green space.

Study hall is two hours (from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.) every week night except Fridays. Students are supervised by a boarding staff member who helps each student with their homework. The boarders often help one another with their homework as well. Following study hall, students often enjoy various activities and relaxing with their fellow boarders. 

Our students learn to embrace and respect the culture and the diversity of their peers. In addition to the 5 'A’s of Albert College (Academics, Arts, Athletics, Adventure and Active Citizenship), our experienced boarding staff assist our students to become leaders of their generations. Although our boarding students come to Albert College from all over the world, living and learning together creates a special bond that lasts a lifetime.

Meet our House Directors

Heather Kidd
House Director

Ms. Kidd has worked at Albert College for over 30 years and has made the school her home. She loves being the Manor "mom" and enjoys mentoring the students of Victoria Manor. It has been her pleasure to watch each student grow into a strong, independent individual with their own unique identity.

Kara MAyer
Assistant house Director

Mrs. Mayer is the Director of Athletics at Albert College and has worked in boarding for the past 7 years. She and her family love living with the students at Victoria Manor and welcoming them into their "home away from home". She brings a passion for student success and encourages students to be the best they can be.

Gia Spiropoulos
Assistant house Director

Ms. Spiropoulos is a faculty member at the Senior School teaching Grade 9 and 10 Science and Geography. This is Ms. Spiropoulos' second year as an Assistant House Director at Victoria Manor. She enjoys teaching and coaching at the school, and working with students at the Manor. We are glad to have Ms. S in boarding!

Camille Mccrum
Assistant house Director

Ms. McCrum join the boarding staff team this year. She enjoys doing fun activities with the students and learning about their cultures, and looks forward to teaching and learning from them. Ms. M has also enjoyed assisting in coaching soccer this year for the U14 boys team.


Crystal Whalen
Assistant House Director

This is Mrs. Whalen's first year as an Assistant House Director at Albert College and she is very excited to be a part of the Albert College family. She is looking forward to learning about the diverse cultures in Victoria Manor and sharing local Canadian traditions with our students. She is passionate about supporting student learning and is eager to help the students succeed in all of the 5 'A's.

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